Advisory services and training in the field:

> EU regulations on business processes to be implemented by the Member States for integration with large-scale Schengen systems;
> interdependencies between business processes defined by EU regulations;
> integration of national systems with large-scale Schengen systems;
> the interdependence between the central Schengen systems and their impact on the systems being built in the Member States;
> eu-LISA’s design methods and tools for integrating national and central systems;
> documentation on the integration of national and central systems made available by eu-LISA;
> verification of the conformity of manufactured products in Member States’ projects with the requirements of the regulations and specifications of the central Schengen systems;
> readiness for external audits;
> workshops to systematically raise awareness and achieve a high level of autonomy by supported implementation teams;

> the creation of the necessary documentation and models following the Schengen legal bases and the specifications of the central systems;
> the development of communication interfaces between systems previously functioning independently in compliance with the standards set by the Schengen central systems;
> the development of feasibility studies as part of minimizing expenditure on national projects;
>  the preparation of technical and functional documentation necessary for carrying out tender procedures.